Check out these pictures from the competition:
(Special thanks to Scott DePanfilis of BodyTech Fitness Science for the pics from the last 3 events.)

The Truck Pull
Flemming Rasmussen, Jouko Ahola, Torfi Olafsson, Heinz Ollesch

The Log Lift
Derek Boyer, Flemming Rasmussen (1), Flemming Rasmussen (2), Heinz Ollesch, Svend Karlsen, Torfi Olafsson, Mark Phillipi, Harold Collins

Car Rolling
Derek Boyer, Harold Collins, Flemming Rasmussen, Raimunds Bergmanis

Husafelt Stone
Harold Collins, Jouko Ahola, Svend Karlsen

The Squat
Derek Boyer, Jouko Ahola, Raimunds Bergmanis, Magnus Samuelsson

Keg Loading
Heinz Ollesch

The Dead Lift
Torfi Olafsson, Derek Boyer, Magnus Samuelsson (1), Magnus Samuelsson (2)

The Medley
Flemming Rasmussen, Heinz Ollesch

Other Pictures
Manfred Hoeberl and Doug Edmunds, Magnus Samuelsson (1), Magnus Samuelsson (2), Magnus Samuelsson (3), Flemming Rasmussen and Heinz Ollesch, Svend Karlsen (1), Svend Karlsen (2), Me in the Hottub with Heinz & Flemming

Autographed Pictures
All 10 Finalists and Bill Kazmaier, Jouko Ahola, Flemming Rasmussen, Heinz Ollesch, Kazmaier and Riku Kiri