Entries from 01/05/97 - 01/23/97

Name: David Chornomaz
From: Danbury, CT
Time: 16:53
Date: Jan 5, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: Superstar Billy Graham
Comments: Hey, where is Superstar Billy Graham's bio? Met him at a Wrestling card in NJ years ago and he had the 25 inch "pythons". He remains "the man of the hour, the man with the power, too sweet to be sour". His wrestling interviews with the Valiant Brothers are legendary.
Name: Riley
Webpage: Riley`s DSP page
From: Fairfax, VA
Time: 17:44
Date: Jan 6, 1998
Favorite Strong Man:
Comments: I thought the games this year lacked something, like magnus!!
Name: Keisha L Wilkerson
From: New York
Time: 10:56
Date: Jan 7, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: Bill Kazmier
Comments: What ever happened to the bench lift where 3 women sat atop equalling 720+lbs lifted by Bill Kazmier? Or the silver dollar weight lift?
Name: Geoff Adler
From: New Jersey
Time: 09:52
Date: Jan 9, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: Gary Taylor
Comments: Has the 97 WSM contest been aired on ESPN2 yet? I just saw the 97 North American version on ESPN2 . If anyone knows of an amatuer WSM association in New Jersey, would you e-mail me? Even if there was one in the tri-state area, I would be interested. Free-weights Forever!
Name: adam
From: U.S.A
Time: 00:39
Date: Jan 11, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: john paul sigmarsson
Comments: this page rules eh and if i had it my way WSM would be on tv 24/7 RIP john
Name: Tom Krager
From: Champaign,IL
Time: 00:47
Date: Jan 12, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: John Paul Sigmarsson
Comments: Love the page and info. we also have had a strong man contest in il. are first one was last year. We had a great turn out. event were the same as you see you've seen on TV. we hope that this year it will be even bigger. If, any one would like to compete you can contact me at Krager @ pdnt.com Again, love the page and keep up the great work.
Name: Dan
Webpage: Justin McShane's American Strength Legends
From: Texas
Time: 00:46
Date: Jan 12, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: Big KAZ
Name: Derek Mendez
Webpage: Why Magnus is better.com
From: Las Vegas
Time: 19:54
Date: Jan 12, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: Magnus Ver Magnusson
Comments: I won't deny that Kaz is a great strongman, but you have to admit that in the WSM's he won there were a large proportion of lame-ass competitors from the USA. The truly great figures in the history of WSM to me are the ones who dominated against quality international opponents, not wussy Americans (anyone who has been watching the 1997 USA WSM qualifying can attest to the weakness of the United States in these competitions). Strongmen such as Magnus Ver and Jon Paul have proved that they indeed are the best in the WORLD, and that is why I prefer them to Kaz. In the absence of some time warp that would allow them all to compete in their respective primes, we will never be able to tell how well Kaz could have dominated true international competition. Speaking of wussy Americans, it is my belief that 2 US competitors were given a bye to the 1997 WSM finals because otherwise they would have competed in 3 straight weekends of strongman competitions. That doesn't mean I agree with the bye, I just think the scheduling was done very poorly. Yet another showing of incompetence on the part of the WSM management.
Name: Ryan Espey
From: Manitoba, Canada
Time: 01:43
Date: Jan 13, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: Magnus Ver Magnusson
Comments: I love this stuff. Magnus is the greatest, but someday I will be "THE MAN".
Time: 12:01
Date: Jan 13, 1998
Comments: GREAT PAGE
Name: Brock Fredericksen
From: Estherville, Iowa
Time: 22:27
Date: Jan 14, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: Gerritt B. and Magnus V. M.
Comments: Great page!! I hope to see one of these competitions next time they're in the states. I also hope to compete in something like them someday. Just need to keep working out so if any one has comments on a good way to train for such an event let me know.
Name: Bruno
Time: 19:57
Date: Jan 15, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: Magnús Ver, Gary Taylor
Comments: I am hoping to see Magnus Ver and Gary Taylor in the final on 1998
Name: John
Time: 20:01
Date: Jan 15, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: Gary T. , Magnus ver , Jamie Reeves
Comments: Americans suck. They are full of it. Magnus Ver is the best
Name: Gennaro Pileggi
Time: 01:14
Date: Jan 16, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: MAGNUS VER MAGNUSON
Name: Karl "Rocky Mountain" Dodge
From: Greeley, Colorado
Time: 13:25
Date: Jan 16, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: P. Martin, S. Pulcinella, and THE VIKING
Comments: Live long, throw far!!
Name: Justin McShane
Webpage: Justin McShane's American Strength Legends
From: USA
Time: 21:54
Date: Jan 16, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: Kaz, Reinhoudt, Pulcinella, Anderson, all
Comments: This web-site is the original and the best laid out site about WSM. It truely is great. I can't wait to see what the new url looks like. Keep up the good work and when you have time check out my page.
Name: David
From: Calfornia
Time: 03:09
Date: Jan 17, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: Bill Kazmaier
Comments: Kaz is my favorate of all time.He did the barrels in the truck without walking up to the truck,he threw them.He also dead lifted 940 pounds twice in a row.I have been hearing alot about Paul Anderson does know if he has a homepage or anything I would like to learn more about him.
Name: Roy Mahaney
From: Oregon, Ohio
Time: 13:17
Date: Jan 18, 1998
Favorite Strong Man:
Comments: Once again, this page f---in' rules!!!!! Keep it up!!
Name: Beth Long
From: Pennsylvania
Time: 23:13
Date: Jan 18, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: Geoff Capes
Comments: I have been looking for a web site like this - thanks, and keep it up! I am a devoted strongman competition fan, and will always be partial to Geoff Capes! Must be the accent...?!
Name: Brandon Millerd
Webpage: Worlds Strongest Man
From: Santee, CA
Time: 22:50
Date: Jan 20, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: Bill Kazmaier
Comments: Bill Kazmaier was, is, and will always be the strongest man whoever lived!
Name: Bauke Postma
From: Holland
Time: 15:57
Date: Jan 21, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: Bill Kazmaier
Comments: Great page. Does Kaz have his own homepage? I am a competitor myselves in Holland. I have competed against Ted v.d. Parre and also international competitors. But an injury on my lower back keeps me from being the best, but i always be a great fan of this sport. Keep on the good work BILL!!! Greating from Holland
Name: Jeff Denny
From: Pineville, Kentucky
Time: 14:45
Date: Jan 22, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: Magnus ver Magnusson
Comments: I just want to say to me Magnus is the best WSM competitor ever. Someday I would like to be in the compition and meet Magnus. Good luck in 1998.
Time: 08:48
Date: Jan 23, 1998
Favorite Strong Man: