(for more photos, see each individual competitor's bio.)

Gerrit Badenhorst:
Pulling a fire truck.
Deadlifting 904 lbs.
In the Axe Hold.
Overhead Pressing 364 lbs.
Pressing a rock overhead on one leg.

Raimunds Bergmanis:
Winning the overhead log press.
Diving in a pool after his victory.

Grizzly Brown:
Pulling an 18-wheel truck.

Geoff Capes:
Bending a steel bar around his neck.
Loading blocks of ice.

Gregg Ernst:
Carrying the Husafelt stone.

Superstar Graham:
Standing in New York City.

Manfred Hoeberl:
In the farmer's walk.
With Heinz Ollesch.
Carrying a McGlashen stone.
Pulling a truck.

Bill Kazmaier:
Lifting an atlas stone.
With Jon Pall Sigmarsson. (1)
With Jon Pall Sigmarsson. (2)
With Jon Pall Sigmarsson. (3)
With Riku Kiri.

Riku Kiri:
In the Farmer's Walk.
With Bill Kazmaier.
In the Cask Circle.
Winning the Hercules Hold.
Pulling a Tractor.

Magnus Ver Magnusson:
Performing the crucifix with truck batteries.
Squatting 904 lbs.
In the arm over arm car pull.
9 photos from appearance in Pennsylvania.
Squatting Mujibar and Sirajul on Letterman.
Carrying a Volkswagen.
Being interviewed in the Bahamas.

Jorma Ojanaho:
Lifting the Atlas Stones.
Heinz Ollesch:
With Manfred Hoeberl.

Joe Onosai:
Performing a tribal dance.
Carrying a Volkswagen.

Steve Pulcinella:
Rolling a Fiat.

Flemming Rasmussen:
Pulling 6 cars with passengers.

Jamie Reeves:
Loading heavy sacks.
In the Farmer's Walk.
Winning the Crucifix in 1989.

Don Reinhoudt:
Squatting an amazing 1000 lbs.

Magnus Samuelsson:
Breaking Nathan Jones' arm in an arm wrestling match.

Jon Pall Sigmarsson:
Overhead pressing a large stone.
With Bill Kazmaier. (1)
With Bill Kazmaier. (2)
With Bill Kazmaier. (3)
After a record deadlift.
Pushing a heavy barrow.
Performing a deadlift.
Drinking a juice box.
Celebrating after his WSM 1990 win.

Gary Taylor:
Lifting Atlas Stones.
Pulling an airplane.
Pressing 418 lbs. overhead.

Ted Van Der Parre:
Pulling an airplane.
In the axe hold.
In a loading event.

Marko Varalahti:
In the Farmer's Walk.

O.D. Wilson:
Performing a deadlift.
In a loading event.
Pulling a truck.

Ab Wolders:
Loading ice blocks.
Winning a loading event.

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