Interview with Jouko Ahola

November 9, 1997 (interview performed via e-mail)

Bill: When you came into the heats at WSM this year, did you think you were going to win the final?

Jouko: I knew that I was achieving a final.

Bill: You managed to win WSM 97 being the smallest guy competing. What was your key to overcoming the size disadvantage?

Jouko: I try to improve my technique in all the events.

Bill: I noticed that you seemed to have more support from your country than any of the other international competitors. How much did that help you? Do you think it provided an advantage?

Jouko: There was extremely much help from it, especially from my supporter Jarmo Mäkelä.

Bill: What else do you do other than competing and training?

Jouko: My civilian profession is a carpenter.

Bill: When did you start training and when did you start to compete in strongman competitions?

Jouko: I started training 1985 and my first competiton was 1992.

Bill: What other competitions have you been involved in and how have you done in them?

Jouko: In this year 1997, I won the Strongest Man In Finland competition and Team World Championship. The more perfect list can be found on my home page:

Bill: What is your prediction for the 1998 WSM?

Jouko: It is my intent to win the competition.

Bill: How much do you train in a week?

Jouko: Five times per week, three hours per day.

Bill: How do you organize your training?

Jouko: Monday: back, Tuesday: chest, Wednesday: biceps, Thursday: shoulders and back part of the upper arms, Friday: feet.

Bill: What kind of diet do you use?

Jouko: 7000 calories per day.

Bill: What are your current goals that you most want to accomplish?


Bill: Thanks, Jouko.