From: Pennsylvania
Time: 13:32
Date: Dec 8, 1997
Question: I just wanted to know if you heard anything about Forbes Cowan being in trouble with the law. I also wanted to know if you heard anything about Gary Taylor and his knee. I heard it was totally destroyed. Thanks Bill

Answer: I haven't heard more about Cowan since this summer when I heard that he had been arrested for being involved in a ring which smuggled marijuana by boat into Scotland. In the case of Taylor, I was told recently by Magnusson that Gary plans to attempt to return in some capacity, though he's not sure whether he'll be able to do anything like he used to be able to do. His legs were basically destroyed in the tire flipping accident this summer in Holland.
Name: Bryan Ray
From: Toronto, Canada
Time: 20:38
Date: Dec 12, 1997
Question: When will he see the return of Manfred Hoeberl? And where is Nathan "Megaman" Jones? Or Jorma Ojanaho or Joe Onosai? I think this year's competition had a distinct lack of big names such as those I mentioned.

Answer: Manfred was supposed to be compete in WSM 97, but had a bicep injury and could not take part. Joe Onosai was eliminated in the same heat as Magnusson this year, and Nathan Jones was not invited back due to a disagreement with the organizers. I'm not sure what happened to Ojanaho.
vic moore
From: jersey(go to college in Baltimore)
Time: 16:43
Date: Dec 14, 1997
Question: Are strongman competitions ever shown live? All my friends and i love it and we wonder why they don't organize it better. Also, do magnus and friends train all year or is there a circuit in europe in which they perform?

Answer: It is very hard to show these competitions live because the set up of events takes a long time, and they are usually held over a span of a few days. And there are many strength contests in Europe and around the world in which the strongmen compete year-round.
Time: 18:37
Date: Dec 16, 1997
Question: I was wondering about the book "sons of samson" and if there is any other liturature out there about the contest and/or the athletes. Thanks.

Answer: David Webster, the author of "Sons of Samson," has just completed another book called "Sons of Samson 2" which focuses on the strongmen competing in WSM. It is coming out in a week or two. Both books can be ordered through IronMind.
Name: Joe Zampell
From: Salem, MA
Time: 12:10
Date: Dec 17, 1997
Question: Who manufactures the harnesses for the car and truck pull events?

Answer: I can honestly say that I have absolutely no idea. I do know, however, that Steve Pulcinella made one for himself for practice out of an old fire hose.
Scott Major
From: Drums, PA
Time: 18:03
Date: Dec 19, 1997
Question: I am trying to contact David Webster about info on the World Muscle Power Championship contest he holds. Could you possibly help at all? Secondly, I was curious on exactly how you become a profesional strongman? Is there a certain requirement or contest you have to win. Thank you for your time.

Answer: If you'd like to contact David Webster, I believe there is contact information for him in his book, "Sons of Samson." Becoming a professional strongman is no different from becoming any other kind of professional athlete. You have to compete on lower levels until you've proven yourself worthy to go up against the big guys.
Shawn Brown
From: Arlington, VA
Time: 18:57
Date: Dec 20, 1997
Question: What ever happened to Bruce Wilhelm? Did he quit after his second year because he didn't feel he could win anymore? I know he was a judge or organizer for a while, but I am curious how he is doing now. Also, how does he rate with the likes of Kaz, etc.

Answer: I'm not really sure why Wilhelm did not return to defend his title in 1979. Perhaps he was getting a little old. Bruce now operates an exercise equipment company in California.
From: west virginia
Time: 16:17
Date: Dec 21, 1997
Question: How did o.d wilson die?

Answer: Bill Kazmaier told me that O.D. died of heart failure, not surprising considering how massive he was.
From: indiana
Time: 18:58
Date: Dec 26, 1997
Question: Why did they not have the contest in 87?

Answer: To tell you the truth, I'm not sure why it wasn't held. That was the year that Pure Strength I was held featuring Sigmarsson, Capes, and Kazmaier. Perhaps the contests conflicted, and with the three greats choosing Pure Strength, maybe the WSM was cancelled.
From: indiana
Time: 17:39
Date: Dec 29, 1997
Question: How much do you lift?

Answer: Well, I'm only 18 years of age and I just started lifting sporadically within the last 6 months, so I don't lift much. I try to lift on a regular basis but I've lacked time due to college and various physical ailments. Right now I'm only 5' 10" and 195 lbs, so don't look for me to compete in WSM any time soon.
whit baskin
From: oklahoma
Time: 22:35
Date: Dec 31, 1997
Question: Is the pure strength contest available on video?

Answer: No, unfortunately it's not. I got my copy from Steve Pulcinella and I have no idea where he got it, but it's quite poor quality. I believe it only ran on European television.
Enrico Navarro
From: The Philippines
Time: 01:35
Date: Jan 2, 1998
Question: Does Bill Kazmaier work out at his age today? What are his routines and how heavy (for his age) is he lifting? Does KAZ have an E-Mail address and/or homepage, I'd like to know it.

Answer: Kaz told me that he's still working out now and then to stay in shape, but not training to compete in any way. He doesn't have a working e-mail as far as I know, but he does have a homepage (however currently unfinished) for his exercise equipment company at There is a Kazmaier information page being constructed now and when it's done, I'll have a link up.
Ian J. Morris
From: Santa Rosa, CA (usa)
Time: 09:46
Date: Jan 5, 1998
Question: Is there a video available for sale of the WSM contests, or do I have to watch them and record them myself?

Answer: Basically, you just have to watch the on tv and tape them.
From: Florida
Time: 11:21
Date: Jan 6, 1998
Question: Bill, as the new shows are starting to be aired I'm seeing the format for '97 's WSM. Why did the Americans get a seperate finals that automatically put 2 of our lifters in the Finals? Why were we not in the heats with everyone else this time? I hope it was not mandated that 2 Americans be in the Finals. Everyone I've seen on this page wants simply the best without distinction of nationality. Further that means possibly, but not likely, other Americans could have made the Finals. What's up with this? Also I'm sorry, no disrespect intented, but it must be obvious to other experienced lifters out there that Kazmaier could easily beat anyone we have now!

Answer: Since the contest was held in the U.S., there was a guarantee for two Americans to make the final, which is rather unfair in my opinion. All other competitors had to win their national championships and then qualify in the heats. The U.S. strongmen had only to win the national championships and then the top two got a bye into the final. This doesn't make any sense, especially since the U.S. strongmen have performed so poorly since Kaz and O.D. Wilson.
Dave Duff
From: Colorado, USA
Time: 18:19
Date: Jan 6, 1998
Question: What is WSM's position with regard to drug testing?

Answer: Jouko Ahola explained the situation once in a Finnish interview and said that there was definitely drug testing this year, and if any of the competitors tested positive, they would be kicked out.
Keisha Wilkerson
From: NEW YORK (Queens)
Time: 10:44
Date: Jan 7, 1998
Question: What happened to the infamous wrestler "Superstar Billy Graham"? What year did that event where he entered take place? Also how far back does the WSMC go?

Answer: Billy Graham only competed once back in 1980, when he finished seventh out of ten cempetitors. The first WSM was in 1977.
Name: Tim
From: North Carolina
Time: 18:30
Date: Jan 8, 1998
Question: Is there anyone we can contact to ask that the the CGI of the neutered, crippled 'human' not be used again, and to perhaps get them to show some events instead of interviews and stupid interest bits (like the American's eating? What is that?)

Answer: I have to agree that I was unhappy with the way ESPN has been showing the U.S. Heats for WSM 1997. 2 events per half hour? I don't understand that. It's not worth it. And that spinning man got tiresome after the 30th or 4oth time I saw it!
Tim Graf
From: Pittsburgh, PA USA
Time: 14:13
Date: Jan 9, 1998
Question: Where are next year's International WSM competion being held?

Answer: The organizers generally don't decide until about June of the year of the competition.
From: Oregon
Time: 08:02
Date: Jan 12, 1998
Question: The WSM contests were supposedly held every year except 87 so how come 83,86, and 88 are never shown? Were they not filmed or was the footage lost?

Answer: 1983 and 88 were filmed only in Dutch as far as I know. I have copies of both in Dutch, and the quality is VERY poor. The 1986 competition was in the same format as the 1985 one (with the same announcer), and I have no idea why ESPN doesn't have a copy.
From: Las Vegas
Time: 18:10
Date: Jan 13, 1998
Question: How many Americans have won the WSM competition since it became truly a worldwide competition (let's say that's less than 50% American competitors in a competition)?

Answer: None. The first contest when the majority of competitors where from countries other than the U.S. was in 1983. The last time an American won was Bill Kazmaier in 1982. O.D. Wilson came really close in 1990 (lost by point to Sigmarsson), but nobody has won it.
Sonny Morris
From: Broadmeadows Victoria Australia
Time: 16:50
Date: Jan 15, 1998
Question: Where can I get more information on that real cool arm wrestler and strongman Cleve Dean?

Answer: I have seen a few articles in various issues of MILO strength journal about Yukon Jack and other arm wrestling tournaments, of which Cleve Dean is a part. That might be a good place to look for more info.
From: illinois
Time: 19:47
Date: Jan 15, 1998
Question: How much could Bill Kazmaier bench press? In his interview it said 300 kilos how much is that.

Answer: 300 kilos is 660 pounds. One kilo is 2.2 pounds, and one stone is 14 pounds, in case you wondered.
Time: 09:44
Date: Jan 20, 1998

Answer: The question of how to train for WSM can't really be answered directly as it will vary from person to person depending on their style of workouts. In order to compete in the competition, you must be invited, there are no tryouts.