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Current FAQ Questions
(Starting March 17, 1999 )
Answers for the following questions:

Will Magnus Ver Magnusson be competing anymore?
How can I contact Gerrit Badenhorst?
What has happened to Manfred Hoeberl?
What was the reason for the difference in the qualifying1 heats in WSM 1998?
How do Highland Games athletes tend to do in strongman contests?
Will Gary Taylor recover enough to compete again from his tire flip accident?
FAQ Questions Page 3
(Dec. 7, 1997 - Jan. 13, 1998)
Answers for the following questions:

What's the latest news on Cowan, Hoeberl, Onosai, Ojanaho, and Megaman?
Are the competitions shown live?
Where can I get the book, "Sons of Samson?"
How can I contact David Webster?
What ever happened to Bruce Wilhelm?
How did O.D. Wilson die?
Why was there no 1987 final?
How much does Bill Henderson (the web master) lift?
Can I get Pure Strength on video?
Does Kaz still workout?
Can I buy video copies of WSM contests?
Why did the Americans get byes into the 1997 final?
What is the WSM's position on drug testing?
What happened to Superstar Billy Graham?
Where and when is WSM 1998?
How come ESPN never shows the 83, 86, or 88 finals?
How many Americans have won the final since Kazmaier?
Where can I get more info on Cleve Dean?
How many pounds is 300 kilos?
How do you try out for WSM?
FAQ Questions Page 2
(Nov. 15 - Dec. 7, 1997)
Answers for the following questions:

Where can WSM merchandise be purchased?
Why aren't many Olympic greats in WSM?
Why are WSM deadlifts so high off the ground?
Will Magnusson be back next year?
Who heads the IFSA?
Where can I learn more about Franco Columbu?
What were the results of 1987's Pure Strength Contest?
What happened to Ojanaho and Varalahti?
What happened to the bar bend event?
What is Magnusson's relation with Dave Letterman?
How can I get in touch with Magnús?
What was the "Kaz" logo on the competitors shirts in the early 80's?
Can I get Kaz's phone number?
Are other strongman contests broadcast like Pure Strength?
In what movies did Tom Magee appear?
FAQ Questions Page 1
(Nov. 10 - Nov. 14, 1997)
Answers for the following questions:

What was the prize money given at this year's WSM?
Where will next years WSM will be held?
How does one go about getting into U.S. strongman contests?
What happened to Magnusson, Kiri, and Badenhorst at WSM 1997?
What's wrong with the organization and marketing of WSM?
What is Phillipa Forrester's phone number?
Can and should we try to reform the management of WSM?
Who organizes regional strongman competitions?
What ever happened to Jon Pall Sigmarsson?
How can one get in touch with Riku Kiri?