Rick "Grizzly" Brown

  • From: United States
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 377 lbs.
  • Born: Apr. 4, 1960
  • Chest: 65"
  • Biceps: 24.5"
  • Personal Info: Grizzly relied mostly on his massive weight and sheer size when competing. He always seemed to enjoy himself and proved to be a crowd pleaser. He now works counseling youth in Berkeley, California.

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Competition History

# of Competitors

          8th (Injured)

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"I couldn't put it no better."
"Geoff Capes is the Muhammad Ali of strong man."
"I think Geoff Capes is one of the greatest strong men that ever lived."
"It's gonna be a different story."
"This year was a learning experience, next year is a winning experience."
"I tried to diet for this, but you all know my nickname is Grizzly - it's not Richard Simmons, it's not Jack Lelane. I'm not a dieter, I'm an eater and a strongman."
(Attempting to sing "Shot in the Heart" with Dusko Markovic)

Copyright 1993 David Webster.
Photo originally appears in book "Sons of Samson."

Other Pictures of Grizzly Brown

In the Truck Pull (WSM 1985)