Bill wedged between Manfred and Magnus.
Name: Bill Henderson
Born: October 16, 1979
Resides: Ewing, New Jersey - USA
Occupation: Computer Science Student, The College of NJ

Note: I started this site in 1996 as just a small part of my personal homepage. It began as a simple reflection of my interest in the sport from watching it on TV. I quickly noticed that nobody really cared about my homepage, but a whole lot of people were interested in the information I had about WSM since there was really no other info about the sport out there at the time. Soon, I dropped the rest of the site and devoted the entire project to the sport of strongman.
Since then, this site has grown astronomically, and it continues to get better everyday. I've been doing everything I can to keep StrongestMan.COM the best strongman site on the net and I'm glad that so many of you seem to agree. Thanks, everybody.       --Bill

Name: Elco Kroek
Born: September 9, 1962
Resides: Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands
Occupation: Design Engineer at Fokker Space BV

Note: I've been a fan of this sport, since 1983. Back then, I only taped the events from TV, and I've got almost all of them on tape. Then one day, I discovered Bill's site, and thought it was very good. I started making sound clips and had already sent a great deal of them to Bill, when I noticed a bit of a stall in the site. So I contacted him, and we agreed to join efforts, and keep this great site the way it should be. I keep my eyes and ears open on the european front. I really love the strongman competition. I look upon them as a reflection of daily life. Its about conquering yourself; not giving up and pushing yourself beyond limitations. I hope this sport will inspire you as much as it has inspired me.       --Elco
Elco admires Wout's Zijlstra's biceps.

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