The World's Strongest Man competition has been held each year since 1977. A number of nations around the world hold regional competitions to determine who will compete from their country. The BBC has been a driving force in popularizing this sport. The BBC sells the show around the world and it's played often on ESPN2 in the U.S. Trans World International produces this competition for BBC.

A typical strong man competition consists of 2 rounds. The first involves a number of qualifying heats to choose the eight or ten men who will compete in the final round. There are a large number of events that make up each competition. The events used in each individual contest must vary in order to prevent favoring certain types of competitors.

Some common events are:

  • Farmer's Walk-- Competitors carry heavy objects weighing about 245 lbs in each hand for a set distance, and compete for the fastest time.
    Car Walk-- A car with roof and floor removed, weighing about 775-880 lbs. is carried with harnesses as far as possible.
  • Loading-- Five heavy objects weighing 220-335 lbs. are loaded onto a truck bed or onto some kind of platform over a course of about 50 ft.
  • McGlashen Stones-- Five heavy round stones weighing 220-335 lbs. each are put on top of high barrels. The course is about 16-33 ft. long.
  • Truck Pulling-- Up to 6 cars are tied together on a rope and are pulled across a 100 ft. course by hand as fast as possible. Also, the vehicles may be pulled with a harness around the shoulders.
  • Log-Press / Stone-Press-- The heaviest possible load is pressed overhead or a lighter weight is used for repetitions.
  • Stone Lift-- The heaviest possible stone is lifted to shoulder height or over the head.
  • Log Throw / Caber toss-- A five meter long log is thrown for distance or for height over a bar.
  • Tug of War-- One on one tug of war in a single-elimination tournament. Competitors pair-off based on their current point standings.
  • Pole Pushing-- One on one pole pushing in a Sumo-style ring in a single-elimination tournament. The pole has handles at either end.
  • Crucifix-- Weights are held straight out at each side for as long a time as possible.
  • Squat-- Squatting large weights, like 900 lbs. of bricks, or a platform full of 10 or 15 children.
  • Deadlift-- Lifting weights up to about 1,100 lbs. straight off the ground until knees lock in a standing position.
    (special thanks to Tapio Ojanaho for info.)
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